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Pioneer Mineral Licks

In addition to the feeds and supplements, we manufacture the following mineral licks;

High phosphorus dairy lick.

A mineral supplement for high yielding dairy cows.

Attributes and benefits.

• Contains high levels of trace and major minerals.

• Contains high levels of phosphorus which increases reproductive performance.

• Promotes high milk production.

• Boosts fertility and general cows’ health.

• Promotes efficient heat detection and faster return to heat.

Feeding rate

• Milking cows-100g per head per day.

• Bulling heifer- 50g per head per day.

Stock lick.

A mineral supplement for beef cattle, sheep and goats.

Attributes and benefits

• Improved feed intake leading to better weight gain.

• Promotes good health and eliminates salt deficiencies.

• Improves growth rate in growing and fattening stock.

• Improves milk production in lactating livestock.

Feeding rate

• Feed ad-lib (free choice) for adult bull cattle.

• For sheep and goats: 30 t0 50 grams per head per day depending on body weight.

• Calves: Allow 50 grams per head per day.

Dairy maziwa lick.

Mineral supplement for optimum milk production.

Attributes and benefits.

• Contains highly digestible ingredients for better performance.

• Promotes enhanced milk production.

• Provides a balance of all major and trace minerals to replace losses in milk production.

• Promoted fertility and general health of the cow.

Feeding rate

Milking cows: 100 grams per head per day.

Bulling heifer: 50 grams per head per day.

Dry cow dairy lick

A mineral supplement for dry cow.

Attributes and benefits

• Contains special; flavor to make it more palatable

• Promotes vigorous calf growth.

• Promotes development of healthy calves.

• Promotes quick return to heat after calving.

Feeding rate

• 80 to 100 grams per head per day depending on the body weight.