Pioneer Lick Joto

High-concentrate mineral supplement for growing and bulking heifers to optimize growth, reproduction, and health. Boosts fertility and prepares cows for enhanced milk production.

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Discover Pioneer Lick Joto, a premium mineral supplement specifically designed to enhance heat cycles and fertility in both heifers and cows. Our meticulously formulated blend provides essential nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Cobalt, Iodine, and vital trace elements, including Copper, in the precise ratios required by the body.

This high-concentration mineral supplement is ideal for promoting the growth and well-being of heifers, ensuring optimal reproductive performance and overall health. By improving fertility and preparing cows for increased milk production, Pioneer Lick Joto becomes an invaluable addition to your herd management.

One of its key advantages is maintaining the correct Calcium to Phosphorus ratio, effectively preventing weak or silent heat cycles. When combined with a balanced feeding regimen, Pioneer Lick Joto guarantees:

  • Prompt onset of puberty in heifers, reducing delays.
  • Consistent heat cycles in cows.
  • Elevated conception rates for greater productivity.

With Pioneer Lick Joto, you’re investing in not just a mineral supplement but in the future of your herd. Our product is thoughtfully designed to ensure the health and productivity of your cattle year-round.

Furthermore, we take pride in our commitment to transparency and quality. Learn more about our rigorous production process and our dedication to superior cattle nutrition on our About Us page.

For dependable year-round heat and fertility management, this  is your trusted partner, supporting the health, fertility, and productivity of your herd. Invest in it today and witness your cattle thrive.”




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