Extra Yield Dairy Meal

Well formulated and balanced with vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal milk production of 10-15 litres and promote cow health.

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Pioneer’s EXTRA YIELD DAIRY Meal, a carefully designed dairy concentrate intended for dairy cows that yield under 15 liters of milk per day. Our product is meticulously formulated to ensure that these cows maintain optimal milk production and overall health.

Nutritional Excellence:

  • Boosting Dairy Cow Vitality: Our EXTRA YIELD DAIRY Meal is packed with a minimum of 10.5Mj/kg of energy, offering your cows the vitality they need to remain productive.
  • Protein Power: With a minimum protein content of 15%, our feed supports milk production and contributes to overall cow well-being. Your cows will not only produce more milk but also thrive.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Featuring a maximum crude fiber of 12% and a maximum crude fat of 8%, our feed offers an ideal nutritional balance that ensures the health and productivity of your dairy cows.

Feeding Instructions:

  • For cows already benefiting from high-quality forage, provide them with 2-5 kilograms of EXTRA YIELD DAIRY Meal per cow daily. This regimen plays a crucial role in maintaining their health and boosting milk production.

At Pioneer, we go beyond meeting nutritional requirements; we exceed expectations. Our EXTRA YIELD DAIRY Meal not only ensures that your dairy cows produce optimally but also promotes their well-being.

For comprehensive information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With Pioneer Feeds, you’re not just feeding cows; you’re raising the productivity and well-being of your dairy herd. Choose Pioneer and watch your dairy cows thrive with vitality and productivity.

You can trust Pioneer to be your partner in ensuring that your dairy cows achieve their maximum potential. Our commitment to excellence in dairy nutrition reflects our dedication to your success.


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