Maxpro PLUS Dairy Meal

High energy dairy formulation for high yielding dairy cows of over 20 litres of milk per day with growth and health boosters to reach maximum production potential.

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Unlock the potential of your dairy herd with our exceptional Maxpro PLUS Dairy Meal by Pioneer. This high-energy dairy formulation is meticulously designed to elevate the production of high-yielding dairy cows, particularly those delivering over 15 liters of milk each day.

Nutritional Excellence:

  • Energy Boost: Our feed delivers a minimum of 11.5 MJ/kg of energy, specifically engineered to provide the vitality required for achieving top milk production. This robust energy source keeps your cows performing at their best.
  • Protein Power: Maxpro PLUS Dairy Meal boasts a minimum protein content of 19%. This high protein level not only fuels milk production but also supports muscle development and overall cow health, ensuring a well-rounded diet.
  • Balanced Fiber and Fat: The feed is meticulously balanced, with a maximum crude fiber content of 12% and a maximum crude fat content of 8%. This precise balance ensures your cows receive an ideal nutritional mix, supporting their well-being and productivity..

Feeding Instructions:

  • For cows producing 20–35 liters of milk daily, the recommended daily feeding ranges from 4 to 10 kilograms per cow. These guidelines optimize your herd’s performance and milk output.
  • To achieve maximum milk production, it’s crucial to complement their diet with high-quality forage and provide access to clean water. These additional steps are vital for maintaining the health and productivity of your dairy cows.

Elevate your dairy production and the overall well-being of your dairy cows with Pioneer’s Maxpro PLUS Dairy Meal. Our feed doesn’t just meet but surpasses nutritional requirements, ensuring healthy and highly productive dairy cows. For further details and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With Pioneer Feeds, you’re on the path to elevated dairy production, healthier dairy cows, and a more prosperous dairy operation. Choose Pioneer, and watch your dairy herd thrive.


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