Golden Yolk Layers Mash

Well balanced in energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals to ensure good health and high egg production of the layers. The feed is formulated to give the eggs a yellow constant colour.

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Pioneer’s Golden Yolk Layers Mash – a comprehensive feed for laying chickens, meticulously balanced with energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals. This ensures good health and high egg production in your layers, while giving your eggs a consistent golden yolk color.

Nutritional Excellence:

  • Energize Your Layers: Our feed boasts a minimum of 2600 Kcal/kg, providing the energy layers need for consistent egg laying.
  • Boost Protein: With a minimum protein content of 16%, our feed supports both egg production and the overall health of your layers.
  • Balanced Nutrients: With a maximum crude fiber of 7.5% and a maximum crude fat of 10%, we strike the right balance for peak egg production and quality.
  • Enhanced Yolk Color: Our formula enriches yolk color, ensuring a rich, consistent golden hue that stands out.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Each layer bird should consume 130-140 grams of Pioneer Golden Yolk Layers Mash daily. Over a 12-month laying period, this totals about 51 kilograms per bird.

Pioneer’s Golden Yolk Layers Mash surpasses nutritional requirements, ensuring healthy, productive layers and top-notch egg quality. For details and inquiries, please contact us. With Pioneer Feeds, you’re on the path to superior egg production, healthier layers, and eggs that stand out. Choose Pioneer and thrive in the egg business.


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