Kienyeji Mash – Standard

High energy feed designed for free-range birds with balanced vitamins, protein, and minerals that promotes health and weight gain.

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Experience Pioneer’s Kienyeji Mash – a meticulously crafted high-energy feed tailored to meet the unique needs of your free-range birds. This feed is more than just nutrition; it’s a holistic approach that ensures the well-being, health, and robust growth of your feathered flock.

Nutritional Excellence:

  • Energize Your Flock: Our feed delivers a minimum of 2500 Kcal/kg of energy, providing your free-range birds with the essential vitality they require to thrive in their natural environment. With this energy infusion, they’ll explore, roam, and flourish.
  • Protein Power: The feed boasts a minimum protein content of 14%, encouraging muscle development and overall bird health. Your birds will not only be energetic but also robust and thriving.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Featuring a maximum crude fiber of 7.5% and a maximum crude fat of 10%, we’ve carefully balanced the nutritional mix to support growth and overall well-being. Your birds will be both vigorous and healthy.

Feeding Instructions:

  • To ensure your birds remain at the peak of health and vitality, offer Kienyeji Mash at a maximum rate of 100 kilograms per bird daily. Commence this regimen from 9 weeks of age, setting the foundation for their sustained well-being and development.

Pioneer’s Kienyeji Mash goes beyond merely meeting nutritional requirements; it offers a comprehensive approach to the health and growth of your free-range birds. For comprehensive details and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With Pioneer Feeds, you’re not just nourishing birds; you’re fostering a vibrant, thriving free-range flock. Choose Pioneer and watch your birds flourish in their natural habitat.


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